Congratulations to 
Christine Navarro 
for being awarded the
2011 Paramount Dance Company's 

Most Improved Dancer. 

"Where Art Meets 
The Heart"
Paramount Dance Company
Paramount Dance Company

Holds practices every 
Thursday at the 

Paramount Community Center. 
14400 Paramount Blvd. 
Paramount, CA 90723

Phone: (323) 773-0947
Don't forget to ask about 
our PDC Classes

Practice Hours:
Thursdays 4:30pm - 8:15pm

$30.00 Monthly Tuition payments are made to the City of Paramount.
Classes Offered

Ballet Folklorico/Danza Escenica
 (Group and Partner Class):
Ballet Folklorico and Danza Escenica classes present a wide range of colorful dances that spotlight  Mexico's regions, history, and culture. You will learn the different  traditional steps and combinations of the different regions as well as their history. This class teaches you the traditional and contemperal form of Ballet Foklorico incorporating Jazz, Ballet, and Lyrical techniques while still keeping the traditional Ballet  Folkorico movements.   

Tropical/ Latin Jazz 
(Group Class):
Tropical focal point is based on the styling techniques of social and ballroom such as salsa, mambo,cumbia,samba, tango, cha-cha-cha, bachata, rumba, jive, merengue, punta, and Latin Jazz focusses on classic jazz and afro jazz moves with a Latin twist, using cha-cha, salsa, samba, and other rhythms. Develop style, rhythm and learn to dance on correct timing. Students will be taught how to properly stylize every inch of their movements from head to toe. Various solo footwork combinations  are taught in order to improve form, agility, and coordination. Most importantly, this will and train your ears to “hear”  music. No partner required.

Tropical/ Latin Jazz 
(Partner Class):
  This class focuses tropical and latin jazz techniques as well as leading/following elaborate combinations  known as turn patterns. Students will also be taught how to properly execute multiple spins and how to style their movements. This class is only open to students who have completed the Advanced Beginner class or who already have a strong foundation in tropical/Latin Jazz.